Sangeeta’s mother’s side of the family – the Dadlanis – were naturally endowed with musical genes. She has cousins who sing, compose and perform live to enthralled audiences, cousins who learned Kathak (which Sangeeta has, too)…and a cousin (Niren Hiro) who is an exceptional drummer.


As a young girl growing up in a Sindhi community in Taiwan, Sangeeta won top prizes at Diwali competitions for her expressive dance performances. She was called upon to sing bhajans at weekly Satya Sai Satsangs.


While she chose a career in media as her main pathway professionally, she is very passionate about music and has recorded a few songs just before the Pandemic, with talent mentor Ashish Manchanda of Boon Castle Media.


The first video – Guys Like You – was inspired by a Mashup she came across (shared by her sister) while holidaying in London, by Jeffrey Iqbal. She adapted it to her gender and had a dear friend shoot the video in Mumbai and had friends shoot snippets at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace and Mehrangarh Fort.


The second track, Jiyo Aur Jeene Do was written and composed by Sangeeta many years ago as an upbeat dance track. However she re-recorded it as a ballad.. which was fortuitous. Listened to in the context of the Pandemic, it calls for humanity to live and let live…let nature live, let other species live.


The piano ‘performance’ was prompted by her friend, Lalit Fabiani, at the St Regis hotel during an interview for HELLO!