In this book, Sangeeta Waddhwani refers to the urban, educated, empowered Indian woman as a specimen most Indian men were not raised to live with.


Lewd propositions, shallowness and infantile men don’t turn on today’s jet-setting, glam at any age Indian working woman. And, as her journey grows richer independent of her marital status, she does not want to simply ‘settle’ for what might have checked her boxes at a younger age. The book arrives hot on the heels of the phenomenal reach of Indian Matchmaking, which also reflects this ‘shift’.


MIND THE GAP! is a bold look at just where things stand in this tornado – ‘The Relationship Jungle’ as the opening chapter calls it. Sangeeta has interviewed a host of empowered women to create an accurate picture of the times and also explored related topics like India’s female infanticide rates, the outmoded ‘paraaya dhan’ concept, the ‘ghar ka chirag’ notion assigned to the Indian male child… and she all but shatters the myths attached to the sexes by a culture much in need of introspection.

MIND THE GAP! hit Number One on the Amazon bestseller list in its category, within four days of going LIVE! on the site