A kaliedoscopic and ambitious novel of a young cast of characters looking at a changing India reflected in a changing cinema culture, trying to create and shoot a New Wave Bollywood film themselves!


Since my work exposed me to a lot of film-related personalities, and our cinematic culture was at such an exciting cusp of transformation, it was a truly fascinating endeavour to talk to even behind the scenes talent like Saroj Khan, Subhash Ghai, scriptwriters like Sanjay Chel, Karan Johar, etc.


This novel is full of webseries potential as it is fast paced and told in short chapters with an episodic sense of suspense at the end of each chapter! The story is over-laced with cultural contemplations, and psychotropic conversations with Indian gods and goddesses, who provide the lead character Tamana with insights into the Kaliyuga, be it relationships, unraveling value systems, and more.